The Health Advocate’s Advanced Marketing Handbook

(Book 4 in the Health Advocate Career Series)

Note: This advanced book will be difficult to understand until you have made your way through the basic marketing concepts covered thoroughly in The Health Advocate’s Basic Marketing Handbook.

You’ve mastered the basics from The Health Advocate’s Basic Marketing Handbook and now you’re ready to take the next steps…

This advanced marketing book will help you assess what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll command respect as the expert you are, then earn more revenue for you and your practice as a result. You will uncover new audiences who will hire you or influence others to do so. You’ll learn how to make your brand work harder, and to take advantage of the many excellent opportunities for marketing yourself and your practice online.

This book was written for you: Patient Advocates
Patient Navigators
Case Managers
Health Coaches
Yoga Instructors

Massage Therapists
Elder Care Professionals
Nursing Home Advisors
Medical Bill Reviewers
Health Insurance Advisors
Medical Legal Advisors
Disability Specialists
… and other health or patient advocates

How this book will help you:

  • Make your brand work harder for you
  • Develop your niche and market it appropriately
  • Become a respected expert in your field
  • Discover new target audiences and influencers
  • Expand your use of the web for marketing
  • …and much more
  • Here’s the Table of Contents
  • Here’s the Index


About the Author:

After 20+ years of working with hundreds of professionals and businesses, the author, Trisha Torrey, began focusing her work on health advocacy after suffering and overcoming her own challenges with the healthcare system.
In 2009, she founded the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, a service that supports the business needs of health advocates, and helps patients locate an advocate or coach who can help them.


About the publisher:

The Health Advocate’s Advanced Marketing Handbook is published by DiagKNOWsis Media and is one of many patient and advocate support activities that DiagKNOWsis provides.

Learn more about the DiagKNOWsis family of patient empowerment and advocacy activities.


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The Health Advocate’s Advanced Marketing Handbook
by Trisha Torrey
Every Patient’s Advocate


Table of Contents





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DiagKNOWsis Media

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140 pages

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