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So You Want to Be a Patient Advocate?
Choosing a Career in Health or Patient Advocacy

The sample downloads for this book are all found at Smashwords beneath the description of the book:

Choose which download option you prefer by identifying the device you will use in the chart below.

Device Which file to download
All devices Download the epub or Online Reader versions of the sample, either of which will work with the device-specific apps below. The epub version will work on almost all devices (but not Kindle). The Online Reader version works on all the devices we have tested.
Computer You can download and read a PDF of the sample directly on your computer or any device. It will be formatted exactly like the print version of the book. Note: sometimes pdfs are difficult to read on smaller devices.

(If you don’t have the pdf reading application, you can get a free copy of the reader from Adobe.)

Apple iOS Devices:
Bluefire or iBooks
If you use an Apple tablet or phone, then download the Bluefire or iBooks e-Reader from iTunes (free). Either one will be able to open the epub version.
Android Devices(1):
Aldiko for the
epub file
If you have an Android tablet or phone, then download the Aldiko e-Reader from the Play Store. (free) Then open your epub sample using the Aldiko reader.
Android Devices(2):
Moon Reader
for the mobi file
If you have downloaded the mobi version of the book to your Kindle, then download the Moon Reader e-Reader from the Play Store (free). It should open your mobi version of the book.
Kindle or Kindle Fire Try downloading the mobi version of the sample. We have had no success on a Kindle – but mobi is supposed to work, and you may have more luck.

There is a sample available in the Amazon and Fire Kindle store, too, but it is only about half the length of the sample offered here.

If it doesn’t work, then download the Online Reader option.

Note: If you have trouble with your sample download,
please refer to Smashwords help files.



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