Patient and Health Advocacy is a growing career choice, especially for those making mid-life changes, or for people who are looking for an "encore career".

Whether you have had your own experiences with navigating the healthcare system or figuring out payment systems, or you have spent a career as a nurse or physician or in another clinical profession, a new career as a health advocate may be a wonderful choice for you.

Find resources here to help you learn more about becoming a health or patient advocate, or to support the growth of your already existing career and practice.

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The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates is the premiere support organization for private patient advocates.

The AdvoConnection Directory

Find private, independent, professional advocates who help patients and caregivers in the AdvoConnection Directory.

APHA Accelerate Workshops

From business and marketing to client services, accelerate your ability to start and grow your practice.  

The Health Advocate’s Code of Conduct & Professional Standards

Subscribe to this code to let potential clients know of your ethical health advocacy business practices.

The APHA Blog

Stay up to date on the latest information, issues, events and more be reading the APHA blog.                 

Health Advocate Educational Programs

Certification information, calendar, degrees and certificates, and a guide for choosing what’s right for you.

So You Want to Be a Patient Advocate? Choosing a Career in Health or Patient Advocacy

The title says it all. Decide whether health and patient advocacy is the right choice for you.   > So You

The Health Advocate’s Start & Grow Your Own Practice Handbook

Ready to start your own practice? Step-by-step, this book will put you on the road to success.               >

The Health Advocate’s Basic Marketing Handbook

Marketing will make or break your practice. This book is Advocacy Marketing 101.                              

The Health Advocate’s Advanced Marketing Handbook

When you are ready for the next steps in marketing your advocacy practice.                                    

You Bet Your Life! The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes

… How to Fix Them to Get the Healthcare You Deserve.  Insider info to help you navigate the healthcare

You Bet Your Life! The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Professional Patient Advocate by Your Side

Because private, professional, patient advocacy is a new profession, it may require an explanation of benefits.

Patient Advocate Certification Board

The Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB) is developing a credential to be earned by patient advocates.