Become a Health or
Patient Advocate or Navigator

Start and Grow a Thriving Practice !

Patient and Health Advocacy or Navigation is a growing profession and career choice, especially for those making mid-life changes or for people who are looking for an “encore career”.

Whether you have had your own experiences with navigating the healthcare system or figuring out payment systems, or you have spent a career as a nurse or physician or in another clinical profession, or even working for an insurer making sure not one penny was missed! – a new career as a health advocate may be the perfect choice for you.

Find resources here to help you learn more about becoming a health or patient advocate, or to support the growth of your already existing independent practice.


Not Sure Where to Begin?

Here is an overview: Getting Started as a Health or Patient Advocate or Navigator


The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates is the premiere support organization for private patient advocates.

Find private, independent, professional advocates who help patients and caregivers in the AdvoConnection Directory.

If you enjoy online learning, then PracticeUP! will assist you on your road to practice success.


Ready to start your own practice? Step-by-step, The Health Advocate’s Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook will put you on the road to success. (The link will open at the publisher’s website.)

Marketing will make or break your practice. The Health Advocate’s Basic Marketing Handbook is Advocacy Marketing 101. (The link will open at the publisher’s website.)

When you are ready for the next steps in marketing your advocacy practice, The Health Advocate’s Advanced Marketing Handbook will guide you. (The link will open at the publisher’s website.)



Choosing a Career in Health or Patient Advocacy (Second Edition). The title says it all. Decide whether health and patient advocacy is the right choice for you. (The link will open at the publisher’s website.)

Step-by-step program to help you start and grow your advocacy or care management practice. Learn more at APHA Academy.

Stay up to date on the latest information, issues, events and more by reading the APHA Blog.


Written for patients, the You Bet Your Life! books will help you better understand how the healthcare system works, and why advocates are so necessary. (The link will open at the publisher’s website.)

The Health Advocate Programs site provides links to degrees, certificate programs, workshops, professional organizations, and more.

Subscribe to the Health Advocate’s Code to let potential clients know of your ethical health advocacy business practices.


Learn more about the annual ICOPA conference which brings together advocates and care managers from around the world.

The Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB) offers a credential to be earned by patient advocates.