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Patient and Health Advocacy is a growing career choice, especially for those making mid-career changes, or for people who are looking for an "encore career", perhaps transitioning to retirement, wishing to be independent, and hoping to find a great way to help others while not tying themselves down to the demands of an employer.

Whether you have had your own experiences with navigating the healthcare system or figuring out payment systems, or you have spent a career as a nurse or physician or in another clinical profession, a career as a private, professional health advocate, may be a wonderful choice for you.

Find resources here to help you learn more about starting and growing a private, independent health or patient advocacy practice.
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The Alliance of
Health Advocates for currently working advocates and those who wish to explore career possibilities.
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These workshops are held throughout the year
in cities across the US
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Subscribe to let potential clients know of your ethical business practices.
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The APHA Blog showcases current thinking, business tips, useful resources
and more.
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Patients and caregivers find advocates to help them in the AdvoConnection Directory Patient Empowerment link

Find dozens of articles about patient empowerment and patient advocacy at Patient Empowerment
  The Health Advocate's Basic Marketing Handbook logo

The Health Advocate's Basic Marketing Handbook makes marketing your advocacy services far easier than you
might think.
  The Health Advocate's Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook logo

The Health Advocate's
Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook
is a step-by-step guide to geting you started in your own private advocacy practice.
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No special reports currently available.
You Bet Your Life! The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes (How to Fix Them to Get the Healthcare You Deserve) logo

You Bet Your Life! can teach you about the way the healthcare system works, and how to work around the problems to get what you - or your clients - need.
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From advocacy degees and certificates, to a calendar with current learning events, you can find opportunities for courses and training here.

Anyone with interest in Patient Empowerment or Patient Advocacy is invited to join our
Patient Empowerment and Advocacy Community
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Health Advocate's
Advanced Marketing Handbook

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